Bridging Electronics and Photonics

NLM Photonics is a pioneering photonics company
developing computing and networking solutions and devices. 

Computer chips are the most complex human invention. Over the last 50 years, the computer chip and integration of electronics have revolutionized nearly every aspect of society.

One chip takes over 3 months and 700 steps to produce, not including years of design and development. The transistors that power them are by far the single most-produced item in human history. Modern chipmaking is equivalent to building an airplane on the nanoscale.

Photonics, another revolutionary technology, has developed in parallel. It’s accelerated over the last two decades in lasers, fiber optics, LIDAR, and similar technologies. 

How do you improve on the greatest technology yet created?
Merge electronics and photonics. The same silicon used for electrical zeroes and ones of data can manipulate light as well.

However, something is missing: an efficient bridge between electronics and photonics.

NLM Photonics is that bridge.