Services for Your Success

At NLM, we want to ensure your success with our organic electro-optic (OEO) materials, and that means we take care of our customers beyond the sales and licensing. Future advancements and innovations require partnerships and team efforts, and we’re here for you. 

We offer world-class engineering services to assist you in implementing our materials in your products. 

Material integration and process development consulting 

Our team of scientists will assist you as you add our OEO materials to your devices and processes. We offer project-based or hourly support either virtually or in-person at your facility. 

Novel nonlinear material research and development 

Technology is evolving rapidly. What we may not have thought of today, we could be doing tomorrow. R&D is at the heart of our OEO materials. Need a capability our current materials don’t offer yet? Contact us. We may already be working on it, and we’re happy to partner with you in developing new capabilities and materials.

Joint development partnerships 

Are you a fabrication post-processor, packaging (TAP) facility, or a device manufacturer? Are you working with device manufacturers and fabrication facilities? We’ll work with you and your partners to ensure OEO materials are integrated and used to their fullest potential. 

Have questions? Reach out to us.