The Future is Photonic

Nonlinear Materials Corporation (NLM) is a pioneering platform company delivering technology, materials, and full-lifecycle services for organic electro-optic (OEO) materials. We allow chip and computer manufacturers to integrate energy-efficient, high-speed optical computing and telecommunication components into production. 



Always raising the bar, HLD is a high-performing OEO material with superior thermal stability suitable for commercial applications. It has up to 10X the performance of lithium niobate (LiNbO3) and is all-organic, meaning no rare earth materials are used. It’s on the market and ready to integrate with your technology and devices.


Truly a workhorse, JRD1 is an OEO material with record-high electro-optic activity, over 10x that of LiNbO3. JRD1 has been extensively studied, with citations in over 50 papers, and has been used in many different device designs. Its excellent solubility affords facile processing and ensures fast results in prototyping new devices and applications.